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How did you get started in photography?
Like your typical first-year university student, I was procrastinating for my exams when I decided it was a good time as any to learn the manual mode of my Canon Powershot S5 IS. The next year and a half was spent gleaning all the usefulness out of that camera until, finally, I was ready to move onto my first dSLR - the Nikon D90.

So you're a student?
I recently graduated from the University of Alberta with my BSc (2013).

Future plans?
Nat Geo. The answer is always Nat Geo.

More immediate plans?
Business school next year, hopefully. Then a masters afterwards in wildlife conservation. Lots of schooling left!

Where are you as a photographer right now?
I'm working on building my portfolio (portraits, small weddings, food, etc). When I was a student, I only had the summer and even then was limited by my summer jobs to really work on my photography. In deciding to take a year between schooling, it's really helped me focus on where I want to be in ten years time and what I need to be doing right now to achieve it. I'm continually challenging myself to learn new types of photography by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. It must be working because at the end of 2013, Getty Images recruited me to be a Getty Images Contributor (one step closer to Nat Geo, yes!).

Anything else to know?
If you love food and cats, we're pretty much guaranteed to get along!